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Family Law Mediation

Family law changes over time as family patterns and setups evolve with modern times and preferences. As couples undergo family law cases, the more they understand that undergoing divorce and parenting cases nowadays may be long, costly, and taxing in different aspects. This could also be emotionally difficult for every party involved in the case.

Some couples find that litigation is the best choice for them. For others, it is the only choice to resolve a dispute. Once the divorce papers are signed, everyone can go at peace. On the other hand, some cases may also result in lighter agreements such as a settlement once the participants have realized their ability to resolve things amicably to find a middle ground.

A divorce lawyer or divorce attorney can help you process this. Private mediation is a productive, practical, and fair option for settling disputes between couples that prefer a quiet resolution. This resolves the issues, reduces communication conflict, saves time, and avoids heavy and unnecessary expenses during the process. Private mediation allows couples involved to write their own divorce and/or parenting terms and conditions and arrive with a concrete plan that works for the entire family.

Michalski & Gubernat, P.C. offers family law for couples looking into getting a divorce, adoption, child custody, and others. We have a team of the best divorce attorneys in the area that can help you decide on the best choice for your family situation and discuss the details with you. If you are looking into family mediation, our divorce lawyers can help you through the process and guide you in writing your agreement. We will help you process things faster so both parties can move forward with their individual lives smoothly. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation.

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Differences Between a Lawyer and an Attorney

Differences Between a Lawyer and an Attorney
Going through a divorce or other family law issues requires the presence of an attorney or lawyer to guide you with the whole process. Even with some knowledge in this area, you will need to hire experts to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and properly as possible for your own convenience and safety.

There are many options for you to choose from, but you must find the perfect divorce lawyer or divorce attorney whose expertise is your case type, so you can be sure you are in good hands. You must find someone you are completely comfortable with so you can discuss classified information in confidence.

Once you have filtered the lawyers and attorneys in your area who specialize in laws affecting your current situation, sit down with them for an interview to discuss their experience in the area, how they can help you, and other concerns you may have. Speaking with them face-to-face will also give you the chance to assess them and feel if they are the right fit for you.

It is important to note that your case is delicate and may affect the rest of your life, so you should take it seriously and look at all possible angles. Let the experts do their job and avoid representing yourself to prevent potential further damages to your case.

Michalski & Gubernat, P.C. offers professional legal services for families and individuals in the area. We offer personalized services to best handle our clients’ unique cases. We value transparency, thus we make sure our clients are well-informed about each process of their case. Our lines are open for you 24/7. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule your initial consultation.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing a Medical Malpractice Suit

Do you feel like a victim of medical malpractice? This is a serious case that requires immediate legal actions. If you or a loved one is a victim of medical malpractice, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible to know your next move. To determine whether you have a medical malpractice claim, you must answer the following questions:

What type of case is it?
Under medical law, medical malpractice claims include failure to diagnose, improper treatment, and failure to warn patients of potential risks, among others. Determine which type of claim you have before you proceed.

Was there a doctor-patient relationship?
This question determines whether the person or former patient had direct contact with the doctor before the claim. A doctor-patient relationship is realized when, for example, the person made an appointment and met with the doctor in his or her office.
There may also be cases where no doctor was involved in the malpractice, but some other staff was. Whoever was directly involved in the hospital treatment that adversely affected the person or former patient may be considered for the claim.

Did the doctor breach the standard of care?
Negligence on the part of the doctor requires serious legal action. This is a strong claim in your favor if the doctor is proven guilty. However, this pressing question may only be answered by a fellow doctor who has the same background in education and training. Likewise, a doctor cannot testify against a nurse, and a nurse cannot testify against a doctor as they have different fields of expertise.

Has it been too long to file a claim?
In general, the plaintiff is allowed to file a medical malpractice claim within 2 years of learning the injury or malpractice from the specific date that it occurred. The law states that this is a reasonable time to realize the malpractice on hand. At such time, the plaintiff is no longer allowed to file a claim beyond this period. Be sure to consult with an attorney or lawyer as soon as you realize any sign of negligence from your doctor.

Keep in mind that this is a basic overview of a medical malpractice case. The cases may be more complicated in reality, depending on the situation. For any help in this department, our attorneys are available at your service 24/7. We also have our workers’ compensation lawyers, injury lawyers, and accident lawyers are always ready to be at your service. Feel free to consult with us.

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