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Steps to Take After Being Injured at Work – Workers Compensation Lawyer

In case you get injured from an accident while on the job, there are particular steps you need to take to make sure that your workers’ compensation will cover the injury you attained. To achieve this, you must also meet the specific deadlines set. Otherwise, your claim might be denied should you fail to follow the said steps.

For your convenience, our work injury lawyers have enumerated and discussed each step below, so you would know what to do the moment you suffer from an injury while on the job. If you need assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, you may schedule a consultation with us anytime.

1. Report The Injury To Your Employee
When you get injured at your workplace, the first thing you should do is report it to your employer as soon as possible by following your internal procedures in the office. 
Generally, an employee is allowed 10 days to report an injury. However, it is best to report it right away so you can find an immediate remedy for it. After this, you are allowed to take leave for three or more days off of work. Within the same 10 days, your employer must submit an Employer’s First Report to the Workers’ Compensation Commission to assess the situation.

2. Visit Your Personal/Company Physician
After doing the report, you should seek treatment for your remedy right away. Your employer should allow you to visit your personal doctor aside from the company doctor – depending on your preference. 
If you choose to see your personal doctor, he or she should be informed that the injury occurred while you were on the job. Describe the incident in as much detail as you can, and explain your symptoms, including any painful sensations or mobility issues that restrict comfortable movement. Doing this can get you the treatment you need for your immediate recovery. 
Your chosen physical will also be the one to determine if you can go back to work or if your injury will prevent you from performing your tasks effectively. You will also be informed of your limitations and what you can only do while on the job, whenever it is that you are allowed to return to work.

3. Record Your Medical Expenses and Hours of Missed Work
Claiming your workers’ compensation benefits will depend on the severity and type of injury you have sustained. Most of the time, your benefits will cover your medical expenses and partial lost wages, as deemed reasonable. 
In order to make the process legal, you should have a detailed record of the hours you missed from work plus the expenses you incurred following the injury. This includes receipts from your clinic appointments, lab tests, surgeries, medication, medical equipment, and everything else related to your injury. 
All these medical records will stand as a strong claim for you to receive your benefits. A workers’ comp attorney can help you with the entire process to make everything as smooth as possible. 

4. Hire a Lawyer to Help with Your Claim
Hiring a workers’ comp lawyer will help you tremendously in your case. They can protect your rights and provide assistance in gathering evidence and information to successfully prove your claim. 

At our company, we have a generous selection of accident lawyers and workers’ comp attorneys that can help you with your concerns with workers’ comp upon injury in your workplace. They are familiar with complex processes, which they can simplify for your benefit. They will guide you in every step of the way to ensure that you understand your rights and make the appeal a success. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover a Car Accident While at Work? Michalski & Gubernat, P.C.

Vehicle accident claims differ per case. A worker’s compensation can only cover a car accident during certain situations. It can be tricky to know the nitty-gritty details, especially when you have no experience with this situation yet or it is your first time needing a car accident lawyer. 
To know your rightful claims and compensation, consult with us and we will have an expert auto accident attorney walk you through the process.

When Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover Car Accidents?
Workers may avail of their workers’ compensation benefits in the event that they sustain an injury while at work under their specific company. A car accident may be considered to be work-related if the worker got into the vehicle accident while driving for a work-related purpose. 
Most employees that benefit from workers’ compensation are workers that have driving as the nature of their work. This includes taxi drivers and truck drivers. Generally, they are eligible to claim a workers’ compensation on the chance that the car accident occurs during working hours or concerning a work-related task or activity.

When Does Workers’ Compensation Not Cover a Car Accident?
Workers’ compensation only covers car accidents that occur during the employment period of the said worker. Any accidents that occur during personal activities including during unpaid lunch hours or personal breaks dismiss the employee’s chances of claiming a workers’ compensation.

Is Workers’ Compensation Available if I Caused the Accident?
As a no-fault insurance system, workers’ compensation does not place blame where you or the other party caused the car accident. Whichever it may be, you may still qualify to receive your rightful benefits. The only condition is that the accident should have occurred during the employment period of the worker.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against the Negligent Driver?
Depending on the case, a worker may file for a personal injury lawsuit against the other party, provided is it at fault. This is ideal when the scope of the damages are beyond the workers’ compensation program. This includes property damage and pain and suffering. 
However, filing a personal injury lawsuit and workers’ compensation claim are generally complex processes that require the assistance and guidance of a credible workers compensation attorney. They can help you claim your maximum benefits from the accident, granted that it occurred while you were working. 

For such concerns, our company has a roster of expert workers’ compensation lawyers you can choose from to give you the service you need and assist you with the entire process. They can start by discussing your legal options on a free, no-obligation consultation. In the spirit of fairness, we charge for our services only when the claim has been declared a success.

Female Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service

Ten basic rules that should be implemented in case of a car accident:

1. Don’t leave the site of the accident. Stop your vehicle in a safe location and remember not to put yourself or others in danger.
2. Call 911 for medical support and to bring the police to the scene. It’s especially important to have the police prepare an accident report to document vehicle damage or personal injury. This report may be important for further investigation in the future.
3. If you decide not to call the police, do your best to document information regarding other parties involved in the accident. This would include the participant’s contact details and insurance.
4. Gather any information you can from witnesses, such as full names, addresses, and phone numbers. If details are missed by police or what is gathered is incomplete, this can fill in the details.
5. Take a lot of photos of every vehicle involved, the location of the collision, and any injuries you sustained if possible. If you’re not able to take photos on your own, ask someone to help you.
6. If you don’t feel right in any way, call for an ambulance or ask someone to do it for you. It’s important for your safety to be medically checked.
7. Visit your doctor as soon as possible after leaving the hospital.
8. Report the accident to your insurance office.
9. Later, if the other party involved was fined and a court proceeding has been scheduled, you should attend as a witness. Without your presence to testify, it is quite likely that the case will be dismissed.
10. Take notes concerning all the details related to the incident. You may include diagrams, note any injury complaints for which you received medical attention, and what kinds of treatments you were prescribed.

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