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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover a Car Accident While at Work? Michalski & Gubernat, P.C.

Vehicle accident claims differ per case. A worker’s compensation can only cover a car accident during certain situations. It can be tricky to know the nitty-gritty details, especially when you have no experience with this situation yet or it is your first time needing a car accident lawyer. 
To know your rightful claims and compensation, consult with us and we will have an expert auto accident attorney walk you through the process.

When Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover Car Accidents?
Workers may avail of their workers’ compensation benefits in the event that they sustain an injury while at work under their specific company. A car accident may be considered to be work-related if the worker got into the vehicle accident while driving for a work-related purpose. 
Most employees that benefit from workers’ compensation are workers that have driving as the nature of their work. This includes taxi drivers and truck drivers. Generally, they are eligible to claim a workers’ compensation on the chance that the car accident occurs during working hours or concerning a work-related task or activity.

When Does Workers’ Compensation Not Cover a Car Accident?
Workers’ compensation only covers car accidents that occur during the employment period of the said worker. Any accidents that occur during personal activities including during unpaid lunch hours or personal breaks dismiss the employee’s chances of claiming a workers’ compensation.

Is Workers’ Compensation Available if I Caused the Accident?
As a no-fault insurance system, workers’ compensation does not place blame where you or the other party caused the car accident. Whichever it may be, you may still qualify to receive your rightful benefits. The only condition is that the accident should have occurred during the employment period of the worker.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against the Negligent Driver?
Depending on the case, a worker may file for a personal injury lawsuit against the other party, provided is it at fault. This is ideal when the scope of the damages are beyond the workers’ compensation program. This includes property damage and pain and suffering. 
However, filing a personal injury lawsuit and workers’ compensation claim are generally complex processes that require the assistance and guidance of a credible workers compensation attorney. They can help you claim your maximum benefits from the accident, granted that it occurred while you were working. 

For such concerns, our company has a roster of expert workers’ compensation lawyers you can choose from to give you the service you need and assist you with the entire process. They can start by discussing your legal options on a free, no-obligation consultation. In the spirit of fairness, we charge for our services only when the claim has been declared a success.

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