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Ten basic rules that should be implemented in case of a car accident:

1. Don’t leave the site of the accident. Stop your vehicle in a safe location and remember not to put yourself or others in danger.
2. Call 911 for medical support and to bring the police to the scene. It’s especially important to have the police prepare an accident report to document vehicle damage or personal injury. This report may be important for further investigation in the future.
3. If you decide not to call the police, do your best to document information regarding other parties involved in the accident. This would include the participant’s contact details and insurance.
4. Gather any information you can from witnesses, such as full names, addresses, and phone numbers. If details are missed by police or what is gathered is incomplete, this can fill in the details.
5. Take a lot of photos of every vehicle involved, the location of the collision, and any injuries you sustained if possible. If you’re not able to take photos on your own, ask someone to help you.
6. If you don’t feel right in any way, call for an ambulance or ask someone to do it for you. It’s important for your safety to be medically checked.
7. Visit your doctor as soon as possible after leaving the hospital.
8. Report the accident to your insurance office.
9. Later, if the other party involved was fined and a court proceeding has been scheduled, you should attend as a witness. Without your presence to testify, it is quite likely that the case will be dismissed.
10. Take notes concerning all the details related to the incident. You may include diagrams, note any injury complaints for which you received medical attention, and what kinds of treatments you were prescribed.

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