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Traffic Violations


Traffic citation may be very inconvenient and, without appropriate handling, may cause driver’s license suspension, insurance premium increase, points on a driving record, and, in serious cases, may even lead to incarceration.

If you are stopped by a Police Officer while driving a vehicle, pull over in a safe place. You probably should keep your hands visible and wait to take out your driver’s license or other documents until requested the Police Officer. During the entire stop, you should stay calm and friendly and not try to argue with the officer. Very often, the officer will ask you if you know why you were stopped. Any response admitting the guilt may be considered as admission in Court. Additionally, you may be recorded with video and/or audio and this recording can later be used in Court against you.

If you are a Commercial Driver’s License holder, it is highly advisable that you speak to an attorney when you receive a traffic citation. Commercial Driver’s License holders are faced with a different set of Rules and Regulations which are much stricter. For instance, receiving a Court supervision on a traffic ticket in Illinois will be treated as a conviction by the Secretary of State Office.

If you receive a traffic citation, it will indicate whether a court appearance is required. It is crucial to know that, if your ticket involves a moving violation, mailing in payment constitutes a plea of guilty, which will usually result in a conviction. Such a conviction will be entered on your driving record with the Secretary of State, which, most likely, will result in insurance premium increases and, most importantly, will count toward your driving privileges suspension. You should know that, if your driver’s license is suspended or revoked and you are caught driving, you will be changed with a criminal offense with very serious possible consequences.

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