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Workers Compensation

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Under Illinois law, all workers who are injured on the job are entitled to prompt compensation for injuries which they suffered in the course of their employment. Illinois law requires that costs of such injuries be covered by the employer and not by the individual worker.

Illinois law, injured workers are entitled to three general benefits:

1.  Medical Care where the injured worker has the option to treat with physicians of his choice.

2. Weekly Benefits of 66 and 2/3 % of their normal average weekly pay when not able to work.

3. Lump Sum Settlement as compensation for the permanent effects of the injury.

Michalski & Gubernat, P.C., is dedicated to protecting injured employees and their dependents, by ensuring that the injured workers receive the best available medical care for their injuries, timely weekly benefits and a fair settlement.  Michalski & Gubernat, P.C. is also ready to proceed to trial in order to enforce their client’s rights and ensure proper compensation.

We will never settle a case until the injured worker has completed all his or her medical treatment.  We will make sure that all bills associated with medical treatment are paid for by the employer or his work. comp. insurance carrier.

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